Monday, December 8, 2014

Day 8 - Happy Glass

You can’t help but smile when you first spot Happy Glass’ beautiful sunlit storefront window. Filled with beach sand all year round and gorgeous bright and cheerful jewellery.

 I often wanted to visit this shop when I was on Victoria Row but couldn't quite figure out where the store was located. It is hidden away in a second floor studio, but it is worth every step up the stairwell. What a magical little place, and BJ Sandiford the artist/owner is equally as lovely. When Tracy and I visited, BJ was so warm and welcoming and made us feel like we had known her for years.

BJ had worked alone in the studio for 5 years but in 2009 thought it would be nice to have some visitors so she converted part of her studio into a boutique. What an inspiring place to work, so vibrant and colourful. She displays artwork, photos of family members, hand painted thank you notes and even has the studio decorated with snowflakes that she made with her children when they were growing up. She calls it “The Blizzard” and displays it every winter.

Happy Glass has “hint" cards so if you find something you like you can write it on the card and give it to your significant other. It is fail proof as it includes the directions to the shop and it even says to ask for BJ. Guaranteed to get what you wish for :)

#MyDowntownWishList includes:

unique glass necklaces and earrings - so pretty!

colourful happy glass bracelets 

Happy Glass is located on 126 Richmond Street, make sure stop in to visit with BJ and see her exquisite works of art. Happy Glass is also on Facebook and has a website too.

Downtown Charlottetown is giving away five more $100 pre-paid MasterCards this week, share your #MyDowntownWishList on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram for a chance to win :)

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