Sunday, December 21, 2014

Day 21 - Bookmark

I love the story on Bookmark’s website: “Bookmark began with a pregnant new wife and a guy’s need to stop roaming the world and find a way to support a new family. Christmas of ’72 was our opening in Olde Charlottetown. It was a great time for the publishing industry; wonderful author tours with the likes of Smallwood, Berton, Lesveque, Chretien, and Howe. Canadiana was at its best.”

Bookmark is Charlottetown's only independent new bookstore and the oldest in Atlantic Canada. "Independently Owned....Independently Minded". In addition to books, the Bookmark carries art supplies, hydrographic charts/tide tables, board games and stationery. Drop in to visit Bookmark in the Confederation Court Mall. They also have a website and Facebook page.

#MyDowntownWishList includes:

watercolour artist pack

picked out 7 books I’d like to add to my reading list

fountain pen ink in a variety of colours

colourful journals

create your own puzzle – looks fun!

board games are always great for over the holidays

Bookmark holds author book signings and launch events, the month of December featured:
-Wade MacLauchlan, “Alex B. Campbell: The Prince Edward Island Premier Who Rocked The Cradle”
-Christopher McGarry, “Summer of Fear”
-Peggy Hogan, “For a Song”
-Linda Duncan, “Mussels”
-Mark Sampson, “Sad Peninsula”
-Dave Atkinson, “Wereduck”
-Anne Hotchkis, “Beach Mysteries”
-Katherine Dewar, “Those Splendid Girls”
-Roger Gordon, “Starting to Frame”
- Deirdre Kessler, Brenda Jones, “‘Born! A Foal, Five Kittens and Confederation”
-Judy Gaudet, “Conversation with Crows”
- Hugh MacDonald, “The Last Wild Boy”
- Chef Michael Smith, “Michael Smith Family Meals”

Now that is a lot of author events, and that listing was only for the month of December!

Sadly the heart and soul behind the Bookmark passed away suddenly last year. Members of the writing and publishing community are still mourning the loss of Bookmark owner Rodney Jones. “Rodney has been such a positive force in the book industry. He surrounded himself with terrific staff and his two stores are beloved in their communities. It is rare to find booksellers who take such an interest in authors and publishers. The book world will miss him immensely.” (Quote from Guardian article)

His legacy will never be forgotten. 

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