Thursday, December 4, 2014

Day 4 - Robins and Rubys Emporium

There is a neat little story of how this shop was founded. Robin had an antique shop in New Haven and Ruby had an antique shop in Kensington. They decided to come together leaving behind the country and they merged their shops in the city. You can find them at 62 Queen Street and via TwitterGoogle+ and Facebook. As Robin said to me when I visited the shop “everything in the store that is not nailed down is for sale.” They sell antiques, vintage, jewelry, furniture, lighting and much more.

#MyDowntownWishList includes:

A Christmas wreath with peacock feathers

for souvenir collectors

some old-fashioned cameras for those who love photography

A very cute shop with antique treasures in every corner, I'll definitely go back.

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