Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Day 10 - Anne's Chocolates & Anne of Green Gables Store

If you like chocolate you will absolutely LOVE this shop. The moment you enter "Anne's Chocolates" you are offered samples that are impossible to refuse. The walls are lined with a wide assortment of chocolates, toffee and truffles, made from recipes that were passed down through generations. Anne's Chocolates also carries a selection of old fashioned candy as well as their newest item, "Cow’s Chips”. These are Island potato chips covered in rich milk chocolate – giving each chip a salty but sweet flavour. You can even watch as they make the cow chips in-house. I warn you, these are highly addictive - but so worth it! :)

#MyDowntownWishList includes:

mouthwatering toffee, fresh almond pieces in a creamy milk chocolate

It's not hard to tell that Tracy is a big fan of the almond toffee crunch ;)

gift baskets filled with cow chips, chocolate pretzels and other treats

Anne’s Chocolates is located on 100 Queen Street and can be found on Twitter, Facebook and via their website.  

Connected to Anne’s Chocolates is the Anne of Green Gables store, which opened in 1993 to celebrate the life of LM Montgomery (and of course the fictional life of Anne Shirley). They are the only store licensed by the Heirs of LM Montgomery. You can find the Anne of Green Gables store on their website and Facebook.

A couple more items for #MyDowntownWishList:

hand painted glass tree ornaments

I couldn't visit an "Anne of Green Gables" store without mentioning "Anne"...she would make a great gift idea for someone that you would like to introduce to the LM Montgomery book series. As a child I read all of LM Montgomery's books, I am sure many Islanders have (or at least been to the musical or watched the TV series). She is well-known all over the world.

To date there have been seven lucky #MyDowntownWishList winners of the $100 prepaid MasterCard - you could be next! Keep sharing your wishlist via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram :)

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