Friday, December 5, 2014

Day 5 - All About Golf

My first time visiting “All About Golf” since its grand opening in June and I must say it far exceeded my expectations. It’s located on the first level of the Confederation Court Mall and has a bright and spacious storefront. When you walk in you can’t help but feel like it’s summer. The shop has everything from clubs to bags, apparel, gloves, tees, carts, shoes, hats, sunglasses…you name it and they have it. You can find “All About Golf” on Facebook and via their website.

As an added bonus, this week they opened a Sports Bar with golf simulators on the second floor. Who needs to be a snowbird to get your fill of golf all year round? Instead you can purchase a one month, three month or six month golf simulator membership. Punch cards, golf lessons, clinics and leagues are also available. What a fantastic Christmas gift!

My 7 year old nephew is having his birthday party there as they have tons of interactive golf games for kids too. Can’t wait to tag along :)

#MyDowntownWishList includes:
Titleist ProV1 golf balls

Martini tees

most adorable golf bag I've ever seen (look how tiny in comparison to cart) - great gift idea!

Check out the simulators!

Can't wait to spend some time here in the future :)

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