Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Day 9 - Cows

Cows began making ice cream back in 1983 and their secret recipe dates back to the time of Anne of Green Gables. Two years later, Cows began designing fun uniforms for their employees. As a result, the customers not only wanted to buy the ice cream, they wanted to buy the staff clothing as well. Cows decided to introduce a line of T-shirts and sweatshirts, which featured the colourful images of outstanding designers. The images became extremely popular and further products (caps, mugs, towels, sleepwear, etc.) were added to the Cows retail mix.

Cows was previously named "Best Ice Cream in Canada" and was also selected as "Best Ice Cream in the World"! Once you taste it, I am confident that you will agree ;)

My Downtown Wish List includes:

moo chews, cow pies, half moons and cow smoooches :)

 the gift of cozy novelty mittens - doubles as hand puppets ;)

a wide selection of cow-themed t-shirts

A mix of salty and sweet - cow chips are lovely :)

Cows is open year round, and is located at 150 Queen Street. You can also visit their website, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and Instagram

Another #MyDowntownWishList winner was randomly chosen today - the more photos you share from your downtown shopping experience, the more chances you have to win :)

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