Thursday, December 10, 2015

Day 10 - Cool As A Moose

“Cool As A Moose” opened in Charlottetown in May 2015 - specializing in cozy apparel, gifts, souvenirs and sunglasses. They also have Canadian locations in Banff, Whistler, Quebec City and two stores in Halifax.

The Cudmore family has over 100 years of customer service experience, with Henderson & Cudmore opening its doors in Charlottetown in 1914. They have a long standing family rule that no customer should enter their store without being welcomed within 10 seconds. This past week, I went into "Cool As A Moose" three times to “test” this rule, and all three times I was greeted immediately. In my opinion, small gestures such as a warm hello really make a difference and show that the employees care about their customers.

Hermie the store mascot all decked out for the holidays!

My Downtown Wish List includes:

cozy plaid slippers 

a bag full of gemstones

fun furry toques

If you didn’t like the Cow Chips from Day 9, you’ll love the Moose Chips ;)

“Cool As A Moose” is located at 156 Queen Street in Downtown Charlottetown. You can also find out more via their website and Facebook page.

Hard to believe the second week of #MyDowntownWishList is complete, however there are two more weeks to go. The more photos you share from your downtown shopping experience, the more chances you have to win :)

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