Sunday, December 13, 2015

Day 13 - Comic Hunter

One of the great things about doing this blog is that it gives me the opportunity to visit shops I may not have thought to visit in the past. I've never been to “Comic Hunter” before because I don’t read or collect comic books, but curiosity got to me this week while walking down Queen Street. I decided to go inside for the first time. What a surprise when I walked through their doors - I was greeted by the friendliness of Sue, the warm smell of incense, and calm music playing in the background.

Comic Hunter does have wall-to-wall comic books as expected (even Archie comics), but so much more. I encourage you to drop by to see for yourself. Comic Hunter is located at 181 Queen Street and you can find out more via their website, Facebook and Twitter. They also host pre-release and release events, as well as Friday Night Magic and casual play nights. Check out their blog for details regarding upcoming events.

My Downtown Wish List includes:

comic books - great gift ideas

unique book selection

a variety of incense 

so many games...

I loved meeting Sue, she was so warm and welcoming. This is what she does in her spare time – she makes yarn :) Sue has had many requests to buy her high-quality yarn and she mentioned she is considering selling it in the store in the future. Sue and her husband Jeff (who I met previously at a #PEITweetUp) own the Comic Hunter. I left the shop with a box of meditation incense and I will definitely go back again in the future :)

Tomorrow begins another week of #MyDowntownWishList - tag what you wish for and you could be the next winner. Good luck!

On December 17th, @TheComicHunter tweeted that they are now selling Sue's beautiful hand spun yarn :)

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